What will back pain tell about?

Back pain is a nuisance that everyone has encountered and, more often than not, its appearance “does not bode well for disaster.” However, in some cases, low back pain may be the first sign of a serious illness. So how to distinguish “harmless” osteochondrosis from a more dangerous pathology.

A bit of anatomy
The lumbosacral region is literally “stuffed” with nerve endings and, among other things, experiences much greater stress in comparison with other “levels” of the spine.

From this section, the nerves “depart” to the intestines, uterus, prostate gland, bladder, external genitals and legs. Therefore, it is not surprising that any malfunctions in these organs can easily be given to the back.

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It should be noted that the nerve endings are located between the vertebrae and, normally, are protected from “squeezing” by the shock-absorbing properties of the intervertebral discs. Age-related changes and injuries, in turn, are accompanied by the destruction of the intervertebral cartilage, which leads to regular “pressure” of the vertebra on the nerve and the appearance of pain.

The back cannot do without muscle pains provoked by excessive physical exertion.

It is obvious that the appearance of pain in the last two cases is always associated with movement, and serves as a marker of the pathology of the spine itself. Whereas the soreness of the lumbosacral region, which arose outside of any physical activity, is a reason to examine the pelvic organs.

I must say, “intestinal problems” rarely radiate to the back. It is more often about acute conditions requiring surgical treatment (appendicitis, peritonitis, adhesions, and so on) or sluggish inflammatory and oncological processes.

The nature of the pain, in this case, will depend on the severity of the process and can vary from unbearable to mild aching.

The latter, by the way, requires special attention if there have already been “episodes” of cancer or ulcerative intestinal lesions in the family. And the examination in this case can be started with the analysis of feces for tumor pyruvate kinase, calprotectin and occult blood (transferrin and hemoglobin).

Menstrual pain, to one degree or another, is familiar to every woman. And behind it, menacing conditions and their complications are often missed.

We are talking primarily about endometriosis and uterine myoma, as well as ovarian cysts and their inflammation.

In this case, only an ultrasound examination can help to confirm or deny the pathology, and in more “advanced” cases, hysteroscopy may also be required.

Bladder and kidneys


Ascending urinary tract infection is one of the most common causes of low back pain.

The pain increases gradually, over several days, and sometimes weeks. And it is not always accompanied by clear signs of cystitis.

A general analysis of urine (the presence of inflammation, bacteria, filtration disorders) and, of course, ultrasound can help to exclude the “urinary” origin of pain.

One of the most “insidious” pathologies of the musculoskeletal system is without doubt degenerative diseases of the spine.

The disease progresses over the years, imperceptibly destroying both the intervertebral discs and the bone tissue of the vertebrae.

Diagnosis of pronounced degenerative processes in the spine is often belated, due to the mild symptoms and “responsiveness” of pain to taking conventional painkillers.

At the same time, the identification of pathology (or the risk of its occurrence) at an early stage can significantly prolong the health of the spine and maintain activity and mobility until old age.

The complex “Diagnostics of degenerative diseases of the spine” contains indicators of infectious and autoimmune risks (or causes) of pathology, as well as markers of calcium metabolism and bone tissue restoration. And in addition to analyzes, the examination is recommended to supplement the CT scan of the lumbosacral spine.

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