Urban “life” of the skin: rashes and allergies

Residents of metropolitan areas are more likely to suffer from skin problems. The reason is not only chronic stress, lack of sleep or poor diet, but also in the “quality” of the environment. “Dusty” air and hard water, lack of sunlight due to smog, various kinds of radiation provoke dryness, inflammation and allergies. How do harmful factors “work”? And can you protect yourself from them?

Air and water
Invisible to the eye, particles of chemicals in the air, settling on the skin:

hinder its excretory function (separation of sebum and sweat);
attract liquid and dehydrate the skin;
form a film on the surface of the skin, thereby contributing to the growth of bacteria underneath,
provoke allergic reactions, due to the foreignness and toxicity of particles suspended in the dust.
Among other things, heavy metals, present in one concentration or another in the city air, “pull” the antioxidant reserves of the skin, provoking the formation of free radicals.

The result of this effect is hyperpigmentation, dryness, flaking, inflammation, destruction of collagen and elastin fibers (skin laxity).

Adds fuel to the fire and daily cleansing. Cosmetics, together with dust particles, “wash off” the protective (lipid) layer of the skin. This provokes excessive moisture loss and impaired local immunity, which invariably leads to dryness and inflammation.

“City” water has about the same effect as means for cleansing, with the only difference that instead of heavy metals, minerals have an effect. Long-term contact with “such” water causes dryness, peeling, itching and even eczema.

The dangers of UV rays are widely known today. However, do not forget about their benefits.

“Reasonable” UV irradiation:

stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin,
enhances immunity,
has a bactericidal and antiviral effect,
speeds up and facilitates metabolism,
stimulates regenerative processes,
promote the release of hormones of joy (serotonin, endorphins)
and has many other actions.
Constant stay in the room intensifies the “sun starvation”, since the window panes practically do not allow UV rays to pass through. And the “background” smog in the city significantly reduces the penetration of sunlight.

Lack of adequate solar irradiation only “plays into the hands” of factors harmful to the skin, and, among other things, is dangerous for the state of health in general.

Protection methods
Alas, it is not possible to completely eliminate the influence of harmful factors on the skin. And the only measure of protection is the strengthening of its protective properties.

In the first place, of course, are antioxidants and “skin” vitamins.

Most of all “antiradical” properties are expressed in vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, beta-carotene and glutathione. Their level is important not only for the skin, but health in general. A deficiency is an important link in the development of many serious diseases.

Among vitamins, representatives of group B are of particular importance for the skin.

Vitamin B2 is responsible for the keratinization and regeneration of the epidermis, and its deficiency is most often manifested by dryness and poor healing. B3 mainly maintains the skin’s hydration level. B5 has a soothing effect on the skin, as well as contributes to its regeneration and softness. B7 prevents excessive flaking, regulates the sebaceous glands and is part of comprehensive acne treatment.

Don’t forget about minerals. For the skin, zinc, selenium https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selenium, sulfur and silicon are of the greatest importance. Well, the importance of iron in maintaining health in general is widely known today.

Anemia significantly slows down the regeneration processes and weakens the immune system. And its risk is reflected in the level of iron stores in the body.

Rational correction of the level of these nutrients in most cases helps to significantly improve the condition of the skin and health in general. And the absence of any visible effect from such measures is the reason for a full examination.

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