Top 5 Causes of Bad Mouth

Frequent communication with other people is an integral part of modern life. Whereas bad breath can cause “forced silence”. How to avoid becoming an unwilling introvert? And where to look for the cause of the trouble? 1.Insufficient hygiene and dental disease Food debris on the teeth and gums feeds the bacteria in the mouth. Volatile […]

Rh-conflict and pregnancy: what to do

For many “razorzusny” parents, the risk of Rh-conflict becomes a serious cause for concern. Others claim they already have Rh-positive children, and each of them was born healthy. So why does the Rh-conflict not arise in all cases? And how do you know for sure its risk? What is Rh incompatibility The Rh factor in […]

What will back pain tell about?

Back pain is a nuisance that everyone has encountered and, more often than not, its appearance “does not bode well for disaster.” However, in some cases, low back pain may be the first sign of a serious illness. So how to distinguish “harmless” osteochondrosis from a more dangerous pathology. A bit of anatomy The lumbosacral […]

Not only cystitis: pain when urinating

It is generally accepted that pain during urination is a reliable sign of cystitis. However, the “nuisance” can only be associated with inflammation of the lower urinary tract, and owes its origin to a specific flora. It is often not possible to identify such pathogens with a general urine test. And treatment with popular antibiotics, […]

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