Top 5 Causes of Bad Mouth

Frequent communication with other people is an integral part of modern life. Whereas bad breath can cause “forced silence”. How to avoid becoming an unwilling introvert? And where to look for the cause of the trouble?

1.Insufficient hygiene and dental disease
Food debris on the teeth and gums feeds the bacteria in the mouth. Volatile compounds (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and others) become the “waste” of such a diet, a high concentration of which is felt as an unpleasant odor.

In addition, such conditions contribute to the reproduction of pathogenic flora, which:

firstly, it violates the pH of the oral cavity (due to the waste products of bacteria) and promotes the demineralization of enamel and directly tooth tissue;
and secondly, it increases the concentration of volatile substances in the mouth and contributes to the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
Thus, improper hygiene as well as excess bacteria and signs of inflammation in gum disease, even with good hygiene, can be to blame for the appearance of a “problem” odor.

In the first case, to eliminate the problem, ordinary hygiene procedures twice a day are enough, as well as the use of rinses after meals during the day. And in the second, the decision obviously requires the participation of the dentist.

2. Dryness of the oral mucosa
This phenomenon often occurs while taking certain medications and is due to insufficient production of saliva.

In this case, the cleansing properties of saliva practically disappear, which contributes to the “accumulation” of food residues in the oral cavity and their “decomposition”, and also significantly “makes life easier” for bacteria.

3. Chronic diseases of the respiratory system
Chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis are a reliable source of excessive bacterial growth in the oral cavity. Here we are most often talking about staphylococci and streptococci, which have pronounced pathogenic properties.

An unpleasant odor can also appear with purulent diseases of the bronchi and lungs, as well as with tumors at the stage of destruction. In this case, bad breath often becomes putrid, and the cough is accompanied by profuse sputum production.

4. Diseases of the digestive system
“Stomach” odors are more often sour (with normal and high acidity) or “rotten” character (with low acidity), and appear under the following conditions:

throwing gastric contents back into the esophagus (reflux)
narrowing of the stomach outlet (pyloric stenosis),
the presence of ulcerative and oncological processes in the stomach or duodenum.
The smell can also be associated with liver damage, and then it has a characteristic “liver” tint.

5. Severe metabolic disorders
We are talking primarily about diabetes mellitus and its serious complication – ketoacidosis. Odor from the mouth in which case resembles “acetone”, and the condition itself is fatal.

How to find the reason
1.Confirm the “microbial” origin of bad breath can be done by seeding a swab from the pharynx and nose. The study will not only “show” the quantity and quality of microorganisms, but will also allow you to select an effective antibacterial drug, if necessary.

Culture is also relevant for sputum, if it is separated.

And also, in any case, examination by a dentist and an ENT doctor is recommended.

2. It is rather difficult to check the condition of the stomach and duodenum by laboratory methods, therefore, if you suspect a “gastric” origin of the odor, it is recommended to consult a gastroenterologist and FGDS.

3. The liver is one of the most multifunctional organs, so it is not surprising that many of them are already affected at a young age.

You can check the digestive function of an organ using a blood test for liver enzymes (ALT, AST), bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase and gamma-HT, both individually and in a complex format.

4. A blood test for glucose and glycated hemoglobin (the average concentration of “sugar” over the last 3 months) is “called upon” to control the risk of diabetes.

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