In the onset of pregnancy, two are always involved: a woman and a man. A couple is considered infertile if pregnancy does not occur within a year of regular unprotected sex. Did you know that in almost half of cases, the cause of infertility is the inability of sperm to fertilize an egg, that is, […]

What should I do if bitten by a tick

The “season” of mites is considered open as soon as the soil warms up to 5-7 degrees. In most regions of Russia, this more often occurs in April-May, when the first victims appear. A dangerous delusion, however, is the expectation of vivid symptoms of “tick-borne” infections in the coming days from the bite. Whereas in […]

Cruise disease: noroviruses

One of the most popular types of recreation today is traveling on a cruise ship. Sun, waves, landscapes inspiring. And “seasickness” on modern ships is a rarity. However, the “sea idyll” is still not as safe as it seems. Since the gathering of people in a confined space carries the risk of lightning-fast spread of […]

Children on vacation: a memo for parents

Summer vacation for most children is a season of movement. Many spend time in the country, in a children’s camp, in the village with their grandmother, or go to the sea. Almost round-the-clock activity “in the air” is not only invaluable, but also a risk factor. Injury, heatstroke, intestinal infections, and overreaction to insect bites […]

Dangerous “lodgers”: how to identify helminths

It’s no secret that parasites are ubiquitous. These “lodgers” are not picky about the place of residence and “gladly” inhabit the body of both animals and humans. In a “new apartment” such tenants behave extremely quietly, without attracting special attention. And the consequences of their residence may become a reason for surgical intervention. How to […]

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